Thursday, June 07, 2007

Groomsman-thong connection

I am getting married in September. My fiance asked my brother-in-law to be a groomsman. My sister is a bridesmaid. My sister automatically said that my brother-in-law couldn't be in the wedding because she would not allow him to go to the bachelor party held at a strip club.

I know she has her insecurities, but I'm really upset. This is my wedding day and I think she could make some exceptions. He could just not go to the bachelor party. I think this whole situation is very disrespectful to me and my fiance. Asking someone to stand in your wedding is a big deal and should be respected.

This has affected the relationship I have with my sister. Am I overreacting?


Dear Bride,

I'm inclined to agree with you on pretty much all points. Your sister doesn't seem upset that your fiance has asked her husband to be a groomsman so much as the strip club orgy that's sure to follow.

"Wait, what?" I can hear you asking. This is exactly what your sister is thinking. Some women really don't like the idea of their men ogling other naked women because they think they might cheat. It's very possible your sister thinks the same whether or not her relationship is in jeopardy. This is her issue to work out.

If the lady doth protest loudly again in your presence, I wouldn't respond. Her husband is going to have to make this decision on her own. No matter what happens with the strip club, here's hoping he chooses to stand by your soon-to-be husband in support of your pending marriage.

Aunt Amy


Chigglesworth said...

Amy did state that she does have some insecurities, which I can understand. Although, she might not think it's going to lead to a post-party orgy or cheating, it could be a respect issues. I'm married also and I feel that if my husband went to a strip joint, I would feel angry and disrespected.

What confuses me more than anything.. is why can't he be in the wedding if he doesn't attend the bachelor party?

If she rejects him being in the wedding without going to the party, then I don't know.

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