Thursday, August 09, 2007

An angry son

I have a wonderful sister who is an amazing single mother to three kids. She works full time in order to support her kids and loves them beyond words. She is divorced from a complete idiot that is as useful as broken doorknob.

The problem is her eldest is having anger management issues with her and only her. This happens even worse when he comes back from his father's for a visit. What can she do? She sent him to anger management class for kids, but it didn't seem to help.

Any hints or tips I could use for helping her with this? She is not only my sister, but my best friend and I really want to help her.

Concerned Sister

Parents often underestimate the effects a divorce can have on their kids unless the symptoms are severe. Unfortunately, some of those symptoms are brought on because of parents talking trash about one another.

I suspect your friend's ex is bad-mouthing her and, well, turning her son against her. If she can, she needs to speak with her ex about what is said in front of the children. Their son's anger could very well turn on him. If her ex doesn't stop, she can probably stop those visits with a simple return to court. Family court judges really hate child brainwashing.

As for picking up the pieces, your friend should continue to be a good mother to her children. She also might consider family counseling to help everyone through this tough time.

Aunt Amy

Friday, August 03, 2007

Back in the sack

I have a very good friend who is experiencing difficulties in his marriage. His wife of many years' standing has changed in recent months. From what he tells me, it's been some while since they have made the bed springs dance, and he seems to be hinting that they may be destined for divorce.

It's tricky, as Bill is not a man who easily heeds advice. He actually had a rather disastrous spell as an Agony Uncle himself, and I think he finds the whole process of listening to other people's views a little tedious.

What can I say to him too make him step back from the precipice, where he risks destroying a partnership that has endured more than 30 years?

Helping Out

Dear Helping,

From what I understand of your friend Bill, he has a high-powered career and is at least pushing 60. At this point in his life, the only thing he doesn't want is change for the worst.

You say his wife has changed, although without the specifics I can only guess. She started dressing nicely? Stopped wanting to have sex? Maybe she's not at home as often?

Bill is one of the lucky few who has the power of the press. Let him use it! Let him write a love note printed in every periodical telling the world just how much he hates the current situation and profess his love once again! If that doesn't work, well, 65 is a really good age to find a young, hot wife. Women go nuts over those press hats.

Aunt Amy