Saturday, April 28, 2007

Seeking sister

About three months ago, my sister met this guy on MySpace and added him to her AIM friends. He keeps sending her IMs calling her a whore and other names. Yesterday, she was on her way home from the drugstore and he saw her and started following her, trying to get her to pull over. She said he had to floor it to get rid of him.

What should she do?

Concerned brother

Dear Concerned,

Ironically, this same situation is sort of happening to one of my co-workers right now, except for the name-calling and violence. Instead the guy is just telling her that he sees her in certain places where she has actually been, and that's enough to creep us both out.

But this has reached far beyond merely chatting on IM. This guy doesn't really know her. He's calling her bitch and slut and whore without knowing her. Now he's actually trying to stalk her. No wonder your brother radar is going off. This guy is no good!

I think it's time for your sister to completely cut off contact with this guy. He needs not to be able to see her MySpace or IM name. If he finds her, she needs to floor it to the police station. Make sure she gets his license plate number, especially if she doesn't know his last name.

In the future, make sure she isn't giving away all of her personal information to someone she doesn't know on the Internet. I suspect that is how he was able to get so close.

Aunt Amy

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