Friday, April 13, 2007

Getting her to like me

I really like this girl a lot. The Thursday before my spring break, I wrote her a letter about my feelings to her. Then she came up to me and said she doesn't want be in a relationship with anyone right now.

But 3-4 weeks before that, one of our friends told her that I liked her and she confronted me and wanted to talk about it, but then I got shy and walked away. I have a shyness problem I'm working to get over it. I've also tried getting her phone number, but she totally overlooked that.

I'm wondering how can I get her interested in me and have a relationship with me? We really don't know each other besides our names.

Boy in Lust

Dear Boy,

How to get a girl to like you, huh? It really starts with pheromones, a chemical triggered by all humans and creatures in response to another member of the species. But in your case, you're hoping to bag a girlfriend by changing the reaction in her head and heart, not her nose. And you're definitely fixated on this one.

Despite being one myself, I can't tell you how to attract girls, because there is no one real way. Everyone is attracted to something different, like good guys and bad guys. Some like tall guys, some like ones with long hair. I like intelligent men.

Most women at least like to know something about a guy they want to date, so I think your first step is to actually get to know this girl. Show her your awesome side. Be kind to her. And find out about her too, because it might turn out you aren't as attracted to her as you thought.

And if you do figure out the magic key to getting a girl to like you, write back. I bet my readers would love to know.

Aunt Amy


Kenny said...

Dammit. I was looking for a definitive way of bagging the perfect catch and Aunt Amy let me down!

Aunt Amy said...

Oh, Kenny! Someone would have to pay me money to really reveal that! :D

erika said...

Start with "Hi, my name is _______." As a pickup line or way to get to know people, that's always worked for me.

Michelle said...

How about trying to be friends with her ant hanging out as friends first...there is no fool proof plan of attraction its like the fountain of youth some times it happens sometimes it doesn't.

eula_w said...

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