Friday, July 13, 2007

Famous friend

I have a cousin named Raph. He left today for Hollywood because he got a part to play as Zack and Cody's cousin on "The Suite Life."

I am so sad he left. What should I do? I didn't even see him leave; I was helping the librarian when he left. I have his e-mail, so should I e-mail him or will he forget me because he's famous?

Keeping in Touch

Dear Keeping,

Some people do leave their friends behind when they become a star, but you'll find plenty of large and small stars who never stopped being friends with those who know them best. Fame on all levels doesn't mean you become a shitty friend.

You didn't say whether or not your cousin was moving, too, but I bet your mom has your aunt and uncle's contact information if you need it. Since you have his e-mail, send him a message. He'll appreciate it.

Aunt Amy

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