Sunday, July 01, 2007

Friend or just tolerated?

I recently made a new friend but I'm not sure if I can really call her that. She only is nice to me when we're at home and our kids are playing, although we did go shopping together once.

Her husband is at home a lot and she doesn't ask him to watch her child, but she doesn't want to take the kid with her either. He does watch the child when my friend goes to work.

She doesn't want to bring her child with her shopping even if I bring my child because her kid is always throwing fits. I asked her to go shopping with me again, but she said "We'll see" and ended up taking off with her family instead.

This is so confusing. If she friends with me or not?

Puzzled but friendly

Dear Puzzled,

You're right, this is so confusing. Your friend can only really take her child to places where he won't throw fits, and seems to not be comfortable asking her husband to watch him for two hours even though he already watches him while she's at work.

I think there are some forces beyond your control here that might prevent a decent friendship from occurring, but only time will tell. Back off a little and see how your relationship with her goes.

Aunt Amy


Lizzie said...

I love the 'Agony Aunt' idea. I used to work for a newspaper a few years ago. We ran a column where people asked questions about various products and we replied in the form of adverts! Great fun.

Me said...

I aim to please!