Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Believing a teenager

I have an abusive mother. I have no relatives and my dad left before I was born. I told someone about it once, but my mother is very manipulative and smart, so little 10-year-old looked like some lying little girl who was crazy and couldn't be trusted. I even got put into a sanitarium/weird hospital for about three weeks. After I finally got out, everyone still thought I was loony, so I had to go to a "special" school for "special" kids like "me." I went to that school for about a year and a half.

I got back into normal school, and I am now in middle school. I know this is very odd to be asking, but I really want to become someone special when I grow up. I want to make a difference in the world and help people, but I mean a BIG difference. I was wondering, is there a way I can tell someone about the abuse and get help, and still be able to pay for things like college?

I'm worried that I may just become some other drug dealer if I run away, and if I get help, I may become hopeless and lost and not become anybody. I have no friends or anyone to help me get through this and I'm so scared and frightened about the future, about my mom, and about life. I'm 13 now. I need advice! HELP!


Dear Unbelieved,

Let me begin by telling you that I Googled your e-mail address and read your blog in case there was more information out there that I could use to answer your question better. Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that I can get into here too deeply for reasons I have written you back about.

Since you don't seem to have any a trusted friend's mother or a relative to talk to you, you should talk to a teacher or counselor at school about your home life. If the person you talk to isn't paying attention to you, find someone else. Don't stop until someone listens.

As for the future, well, don't worry about it until you get there. If you're really willing to make the effort, you can do something world-changing in your life.

Aunt Amy


AmazonV said...

People who will listen and have experience specifically in the area can also be found online, http://www.ndvh.org/, http://www.safe4all.org/, try a google search for local agencies in your area if you can get access to the internet away form home.

Anonymous said...

find a freind get them to help you see if you can crash and get chow at there place get it all set up before you do anything drastic and then when you leave trash the place oh and make sure you get everythingyou need oh and dont use fire smash te car window egg and t/p the house or just tand up for yourself if she hits you hit her back fight as long and as hard as you can my dad used o hit me alot until i stood up for myselfi beat him up for what he was worth and pulled out a knife showwed him i was gonna mess around then ran out with some eggs and grabbed a few rocks smashed up the place good and ran offf to my freinds house stayed there for awhile now w=me and my dad love eachother